In today’s modern times, quality is of the paramount importance as it can essentially make or break a brand. A failure to maintain an adequate quality standard can prove to be extremely detrimental. At Suumaya, we give quality the utmost priority at all stages of production to ensure our customers are thoroughly satisfied. We have three levels of quality checks in place to make sure that the requisite quality of the product is being achieved at every stage of manufacture from raw materials to boxed stock. We constantly endeavour to maintain and exceed customer expectations consistently in all aspects of quality. We also make sure that all our staff is well trained in all aspects of quality management. Furthermore, they undergo regular refresher training to maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves.

The first level of quality checks initiates when the raw material & fabric arrives from our suppliers. Our quality officers conduct a variety of checks to ascertain whether the raw material and fabric received are of the highest quality before it goes into production. Additionally, our staff is comprised of capable, highly trained and certified professionals to ensure the machines are well oiled and there are no issues in the machines before it goes into production.

Our second level revolves around production and takes place when a certain percentage of our goods has been produced. This inspection helps us to analyse the production process thus ensuring the production is going as per schedule while finally giving us an estimation of the final quality of the product. This will help us detect any possible discrepancies while helping out filter out issues before it is too late.

The final inspection is conducted right before dispatch and is the best way to ensure that the requisite quality of the product has been achieved. This also enables us to identify any possible discrepancies between the production and specifications. Further, our quality officers go to the factory to finally give their approval by inspecting the quality, checking for regulatory compliance, measurements and finally packaging of the order.