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Established in the year 2011 by founder Mr Mahesh Gala, Suumaya Industries Limited (Formerly known as Suumaya Lifestyle Limited) Company is a highly creative brand for exquisite fashion and brings you the world’s finest collection of Indo-Western Designer Kurtis. What makes Suumaya a unique destination is that when you shop with us, you’ll find styles you simply won’t find anywhere else. With over 30 years’ experience in Indian Ethnic merchandise market, we have developed and honed our systems to provide bespoke patterns ranging from traditional designs to even modern contemporary which spell out sheer beauty and class. Attracting several thousand visits per month from across the world, we have managed to set the bar in the Indian Ethnic Wear market by offering an unparalleled selection of prints and fabrics paired with unmatched service.

Our in-house team comprises of some of the best talents from around the country including style-savvy, creative, and forward-thinking individuals all committed to creating a better shopping experience for you. Together we champion collaboration and innovation and we’re continually investing in technology, talent and innovation to push the boundaries of fashion for bold and individualistic women. This devotion has helped us carve out a simple and clear identity – “The blended Soul”, dedicated to women of ageless spirit. Suumaya is a beautiful culmination of cultural values, exceptional design, unmatched texture and quality to provide a thought-provoking take on Indian wardrobe.

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In a world where designs and clothing have seemingly become monotonous, Suumaya has managed to stand out by churning out one-of-a-kind style and craftsmanship which needs to be seen to be believed. This dedication has propelled us as one of the fastest growing brands which, in turn, has helped our CEO, Mr. Ushik Gala, to be nominated as the youngest best-performing CEO at the Paris Excellence Awards. Available in three stores in Mumbai and one in Varanasi, we also boast of in-house CMTP (Cut-Make-Trim-Packaging/Finishing) cutting-edge manufacturing set-up in Mumbai to ensure that our range is of a consistently high standard. Additionally, we have also established a world-class unit in Mumbai and Wada for the manufacturing of denim to further expand our line. With a heritage built on market innovation and community involvement, we are now in the midst of preparing for our SME IPO which will be listed by the end of August 2017.

Board Profile

Ushik Gala

Mr. Ushik Gala

Chairman & Managing Director

Sumit Pal Singh

Mr. Sumit Pal Singh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Joint Managing Director

Sharad Jain

Mr. Sharad Jain

Independent Director

Satish Khimawat

Independent Director

ishtiaq ali

Mr. Ishtiaq Ali

Independent Director


Ms. Shruti Chaudhary

Women Independent Director

Sejal Doshi

Mr. Sejal Doshi

Non Executive Director

Deepak Jain

Mr. Deepak Jain

Non Executive Director

Kshitish Shastri

Mr. Kshitish Shastri

Non Executive Director

Management Profile

mahesh gala

Mr. Mahesh Gala


Ishita Gala

Ms. Ishita Gala

Vice-President Operations (Brand Business)


Ms. Sneha Shah

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ms. Heena Shah

Ms. Heena Shah

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Ms. Dhwani Dattani

Ms. Dhwani Dattani

Head of Finance and Credit facility

Manufacturing Excellence

Made to exacting standards, we at Suumaya Industries Limited (Formerly known as Suumaya Lifestyle Limited) Company are widely recognised for our strong design and production capabilities that have enabled us to churn out top quality merchandise, day in day out. Although we were founded in 2011, our experience goes all the way back to the 1980’s. This has enabled us to strengthen our abilities and quickly anticipate and respond to critical customer’s standards and quality demands. Our modern and advanced in-house design facilities in the past have developed numerous varieties of polyester and cotton blends fabrics, using the most advanced equipment procured from technology leaders, which has helped us to be a market leader in the industry today.

With over 30 years in the textile business, we have the acumen required along with the technical know-how and expertise to ensure that we can deliver top quality products and services with a short lead-time. Furthermore, our manufacturing facilities are well equipped and house all modern textile manufacturing facilities to ensure that our fabrics are best in class. Currently, we employ over employees and each one of them have been handpicked for their unmatched ability and level of competence. Our ethos of delivering exceptional quality is carried over from the manufacturing facilities to each and every employee. This ethos is further carried through our entire functioning of our brand which reflects on the calibre of people employed and involved in the process.

Through our wide range of quality-training programmes, we encourage our employees to deliver only the highest levels of efficiency and quality. We also promote professional and personal growth in a workplace, which makes our working environment both caring and conducive. Our manufacturing plant operates to the highest quality standards thus helping create thoughtful, beautiful and innovative solutions. We are a true design and manufacturing company and have been able to accommodate the rapid changes and demands of the fashion industry where trends are constantly changing.